Fire Island

Point O' Woods is located within the Town of Brookhaven , between Ocean Bay Park and Oakleyville. Immediately to the east is the Sunken Forest, a park situated below mean high tide level. As on much of Fire Island, cars are not permitted in Point O' Woods and bicycles are the principal means of wheeled transport. Point O’ Woods said to have been the first European-American settlement on Fire Island, though Cherry Grove also makes that claim. - Excerpt from Wikipedia

Shingle Style homes marked a significant shift in American housing styles. In 1876 the United States was celebrating 100 years of independence and a new American architecture. While the first skyscrapers were being built in Chicago, East coast architects were adapting old styles into new forms. Shingle architecture broke free from lavish, decorative designs popular in Victorian times. Deliberately rustic, the style suggested a more relaxed, informal style of living. - Jackie Craven, Author

A two story house with sundeck, the siting of the Shingle Style house capitalizes on the impressive ocean views. Natural light highlights the interior wood panelling, and permeates all the living spaces for optimal daylighting. 

Project type: New Build Home, Point O’ Woods, Fire Island, New York

Project role: Bid Set for Leonard Woods Architecture + Design

Team: Leonard Woods AIA (Architect of Record),
Steve Lee AIA, Natalie Cheng
Photos: Courtesy of Leonard Woods Architecture + Design

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