Crystal Harbour

The use of solar power is on the rise in the Caribbean as a way to lower energy consumption costs and increase resiliency against severe storms. The Caribbean’s tropical climate, sunny weather, and proximity to the equator lead to long days of high-intensity sunlight. In contrast to traditional power sources such as fossil fuels, the long term investment in solar power is an environmentally and fiscally responsible choice for homeowners and business owners alike. -  Excerpt from
Crystal Harbour is a relatively new development overlooking the North Sound, perfect for families with its wide boulevards and canal and ocean frontage. Land lots are available for sale in this quickly evolving area, for would-be home-owners to develop their own property. - Excerpt from

Design and space planning studies were undertaken for a new year-round home for a young family. Symmetrical spaces centered around the pool result in a strong visual perspective. The tripartite zoning of the floorplan accommodates the needs of the clients while allowing for future flexibility. To provide outdoor shade, the pool cabanas have retractable mesh curtains. Concrete building technology was researched to understand hurricane-resistant building techniques. 

Project type: Single Family Home, Solar Power Study

Project role: Concept design lead, exterior massing study, interiors,
space planning + furniture layout based on a client supplied plan 

Team: Natalie Cheng RA, Ivan Pazos / dox 3d

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